A Better Way to Cook Lobster (aka crustacean anesthesia)
One of my sous chefs, Nathan Brand, recently proposed a method for cooking lobster he came across at the blog Cooking Issues. This method not only produces a sweeter and cleaner tasting lobster, but in effect anesthetizes the lobsters before they hit the pot. A better tasting and more humanely cooked lobster, I was intrigued.

The method requires diluting clove oil in water (we also needed a little grain alcohol to help the process, as we know… oil and water don’t mix). Why clove oil? It’s got a lot of eugenol which is great for anesthetizing seafood. We easily found clove oil at EarthFare and a little goes a long way.

The lobsters are submerged in the water and clove oil solution. Slowly the lobsters calm down and eventually fall into a deep sleep. Once asleep, it’s time for the pot of boiling water. The results were undeniable, it was the best tasting lobster we have cooked at
The National.