The Cochon Collaboration highlights the incredible work (and heritage pork) of Riverview Farms.  Our goal is to exemplify no-waste cooking through a diverse whole-animal dinner created by a group of talented Athens chefs. (Preview the menu below!) Proceeds from this dinner will be donated to  Wholesome Wave of Georgia.

 Tickets are $65.00 per person
inclusive of cocktail & wine pairings from the bar team of The Expat.

Call 706-521-5041 to reserve your seats today!

Cochon Collaboration Menu

To Start:
Lucky Ham Roast
strained herb buttermilk, black-eyed pea cakes, collard slaw 
Jessica Rothacker
Heirloom Cafe

Head, Hock, & Trotter Rice Porridge
vietnamese garnishes
Patrick Stubbers
Seabear Oyster Bar

Pepper Jelly Glazed Pork Shoulder Ham 
fermented hakurei turnips, seared turnip greens, pickled peanuts
Mimi Maumus

Pork Crepinette
green garlic soubise, smoked cherries, frisée 
Savannah Sasser
The Expat

Bacon Semifreddo
pork rind "churros", maple glazed pork belly
Jeremy Collins
The National