Coinciding with the special screening of local documentary film World’s Smallest Airport, The National brings you a special Dinner and a Movie menu inspired by vintage Pan American World Airways menus from the golden age of air travel. World’s Smallest Airport tells the thrilling story of three brothers who returned to Georgia following World War II eager to begin their civilian lives. Within weeks they established The Thrasher Brothers Aerial Circus, where they wowed audiences with astonishing aerial feats yet to be exceeded.

Ciné and The National’s Dinner & A Movie Menu
Sunday-Tuesday, January 15-17

$29 per person, includes dinner and movie ticket (tax included but not gratuity)

On the table
warm peanuts and pecans

Appetizer to share
Classic Waldorf Salad
bibb lettuce, apple, celery, walnut, raisins, creamy dressing
Cream of Tomato Soup
individual portions with banque crackers
Cold Plate à la Parisienne
cheese and charcuterie with cornichons and grain mustard

Airline Chicken Breast
served with a mushroom sauce, riz pilaf, macedoine of vegetables
Hangar Steak
served with delmonico potatoes and jardiniere vegetables

Cherries Jubilee served over vanilla ice cream
Boston Cream Pie