Dinner Menu, Saturday, 12/11/2010


PATATAS BRAVAS home fries with spicy-tomato sauce and aioli {5}
STUFFED MEDJOOL DATES celery, manchego cheese, smoked paprika {5}
HUMMUS sumac, warm flatbread {6}
BOQUERONES (anchovies) pickled chilis, caperberries, & tomato-garlic toasts {6}
LIMA BEAN BISQUE almonds and sherry {7} (V)
LOCAL LETTUCES SALAD local beets, feta, hazelnuts, orange, pomegranate, marinated onion, citrus vinaigrette {8}
ICEBERG LETTUCE WEDGE roasted tomato, bacon, cucumber, pecans, crispy capers, marinated onion, buttermilk dressing {7}
PIZZETTE roasted grapes, gorgonzola, pecans, balsamic, arugula {7}
PIZZETTE tuna (Bonito del Norte from Spain), San Simon cheese, kalamatas, piquillo peppers, arugula {9}
HOUSE SMOKED STURGEON (raised by UGA) thinly sliced with sauce gribiche, beets, sugar snaps, micro greens {9}
CRISPY LAMB SWEETBREADS preserved black bean sauce, local frisee and watermelon radishes, scallions {10}
THREE CHEESE PLATE Pierce Point (cow, California), Caña de Cabra (goat, Spain), Jasper Hill clothbound cheddar (cow, vermont), toasts & accompaniments {15}


ROASTED DARBY FARMS CHICKEN BREAST (pasture raised, Walton Co., the best we’ve tasted) leek bread pudding, seared local broccoli, tomato jam, black pepper jus {18}

PAN ROASTED PERUVIAN BLUE TILAPIA (not your average tilapia, organic, pristine Andean waters) braised giant white beans, sauteed spinach, pickled green tomato, watermelon radishes {23}

SAUTEED LAUGHING BIRD SHRIMP (sustainably farmed) creamy calasparra rice with leeks, fennel and saffron, arugula, local carrots and snow peas with ginger {22}

PORK LOIN MILANESA (pounded thin, breadcrumbs) mashed sweet potato, watercress with local radishes and shaved ricotta salata, chorizo vinaigrette {21}

GRILLED BEEF HANGER STEAK (certified angus beef) punched yukon golds, roasted brussel sprouts, hazelnut salsa verde, romesco sauce {24}*

VEGETABLE PLATE red quinoa, seared sugar snap peas, wilted local greens, local cabbage slaw, roasted local turnips with capers, fried cauliflower with harissa and feta, local radishes {17}

Specials, Saturday Dinner, December 11, 2010


☼ pinot gris, WillaKenzie Estate, Willamette, 2009, {8} glass

zinfandel, Ridge, Lytton Springs, Sonoma, CA, 2007, {10} glass

tempranillo, Juan Rojo, Toro, ES, 2004, {25}
☼ mourvèdre-grenache, Terre d'Ombre , Provence, FR, 2008, {25}


crispy & spicy Darby Farms chicken wings, celery, carrots and buttermilk dressing, three for {4.50}

pan roasted Pacific sole
red quinoa, glazed local carrots with sherry, local arugula, shrimp-remoulade {26} limited quantity

pan roasted Florida triggerfish
ragout of potato, turnip, brussel sprouts, leeks, corn, roasted tomato and basil, savory whipped cream with wild steelhead trout roe {26}

grilled Kobe-style wagyu beef skirt steak (Strube Ranch, TX)
fries, seared string beans with pecans, caramelized onions, roasted red pepper-goat cheese {28}


portuguese custard tarts
cinnamon whipped cream {2.50} each

¼ fresh pineapple (like at Inopia in Barcelona)
Emanuel County cane syrup, lime-sugar, pomegranate {6}

parsnip-cranberry upside-down-cake
eggnog sauce {7}

chocolate tres leches
blackberry, toasted meringue {7}

rice pudding “brulee”
golden raisins, pomegranate {7}

apple cider doughnuts
cranberry jam, cinnamon sugar {7}