Dinner+Movie December 18

In this week of increasing holiday madness, treat yourself to Dinner and a Movie. Cine is still showing Margin Call and Melancholia, and this week they’ve introduced Young Goethe in Love.

On our menu...

Appetizer to share table chooses one:
hummus sumac, warm flatbread
stuffed medjool dates celery, manchego cheese, smoked paprika
local lettuces salad watermelon radishes, cucumbers, marinated shallots, almonds, feta, yougurt-cumin dressing

Entree, choose one:
roasted springer mountain chicken breast flattened, za’taar, jeweled red quinoa (pomegranate, apricot, golden raisin, pistachio, scallions), yogurt with cucumber and mint, lemon brown butter
crispy pork loin milanesa black rice, avocado crema, piquillo-orange relish, heart of palm-yacon-cilantro salad

Dessert, choose one:
apple empanada pecan, golden raisin, pomegranate
rugelach raspberry jam, chocolate sauce