Dinner+Movie January 8

Before or after dinner with us this week, enjoy a glimpse into the life of Marilyn Monroe with My Week with Marilyn, or get involved with Like Crazy.

Appetizer to share table chooses one:
hummus sumac, warm flatbread
stuffed medjool dates celery, manchego cheese, smoked paprika
bibb lettuces salad gorgonzola dressing, slow-roasted tomato, cucumber, marinated onion, pecan

Entree, choose one:
roasted cobia whipped parsnips, warm brussels sprout slaw with bacon, roasted tomato vinaigrette
roasted Springer Mountain chicken breast black rice, braised local red cabbage, arugula, hazelnut romesco

choose one:
lemon and date ricotta cake elderberry reduction
roasted pecan ice cream sherry poached dates, brown sugar crisp