Dinner+Movie October 23

Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays are never boring at The National, in fact we look forward to these formerly dull days. Join us this week for Dinner and a Movie and you can too. If not tonight, see us on Tuesday before Cine’s special screening of the horror classic, Psycho.

On the menu…

Appetizer to share, table choose one:
hummus warm flatbread, sumac
patatas bravas homefries with spicy-tomato sauce and aioli
lacinato kale salad almonds, parmesan, golden raisins, shaved sweet onion, lemon vinaigrette

Entree, choose one:
roasted springer mountain chicken breast za'atar, farro with tomato, sauteed spinach, salad of pomegranate, pecans and local field peas
pan seared peruvian blue tilapia sea island red peas, seared asperagus, local cherry tomatoes in dijon vinaigrette

Dessert, choose one:
fall fruit cobbler with vanilla ice cream
pastry cream filled profiteroles with maple-caramel pecan sauce