Dinner+Movie Menu: June 24

Appetizer to share:
patatas bravas home fries with spicy-tomato sauce and aioli
hummus sumac, warm flatbread
stuffed medjool dates celery, manchego cheese, smoked paprika

grilled North GA chicken breast basted with spicy piri piri, rice salad with field peas, local bell peppers, tomatoes, corn, basil, and scallions, yogurt, almonds, and pomegranate
vegetable plate chickpeas and okra with yogurt & harissa, local beets and green beans with pecans and Vidalias, squash fritters, bulgur salad with local tomato, grilled corn & basil, sauteed local chard, marinated local cabbage with preserved lemon

ricotta cake local figs and honey
chocolate torte apricot semifreddo and chocolate sauce

$29 per guest
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