Favorite Ingredient: Greek Yogurt

At The National, I love that we are able to boast a frequently changing menu featuring ingredients that reflect local seasonality. That said, Greek Yogurt remains a go-to ingredient for me all year long.

Greek yogurt is rich and creamy, sometimes the consistency of sour cream. It’s full of protein and probiotics, and happily versatile in sweet or savory dishes.

On the sweet side, I love it over fresh peaches or figs with a generous drizzle of honey on top. Yet it’s also a perfect topping for salmon, especially with grated cucumber, lemon zest and mint stirred in. Now that eggplants are plentiful at the farmer’s market, try adding Greek yogurt to babbaganoush. It makes a richer dip that’s perfect for warm flatbread. In the morning, I eat Greek yogurt with granola. Top this with pomegranate seeds when they’re in season for a nutritious start to your day.

Nothing against the regular stuff, but when it comes to yogurt, I’m hooked on Greek.