Join us this Saturday for an afternoon of good food, good beer, good people, and good music, all to benefit a good cause. All proceeds go to Wholesome Wave Georgia and the Athens Farmers Market SNAP doubling program.


BEER from Creature Comforts Brewing Co.


MUSIC by DJ Osmose



Joel Penn - Heirloom Cafe

Green bean salad, tomato, buttermilk, smoky pickled beets, jalapeño, pistachio


Jaamy Zarnegar - Last Resort Grill / LRG Provisions

Grilled local veggies on grilled local bread


BJ Bracewell - Pauley's Crepe Bar

Cracklin cornbread lettuce wrap, watermelon pickle, herbs, Jezebel jelly


Peter Dale - The National

Tomato Gazpacho


Mike Farr - Five & Ten

Pulled pork sliders with peach and apple cider vinegar dressing


Trey Rayburn - The Branded Butcher

The Comerian pretzel panzanella, spicy coppa, local vegetables, mustard vinaigrette


Mandy & Steve O’Shea - 3 Porch Farm



Entry to the event is $12 if you wish to drink beer.

Dishes will range in price, but all will be under $10. You can purchase as many $1 food tickets as you like throughout the event and then use those to "pay" the chefs for the dishes you'd like to enjoy.