Today we celebrate the arrival of the first Pimientos de Padrón of the season!

Bringing these small Spanish frying peppers to Athens was a collaboration between our Chef Peter Dale and our friends at Woodland Gardens many summers ago. It was dream founded on trips to Spain, indulging in snacks of padróns blistered and tossed simply in olive oil and sea salt. Now every year, we brave the heat for the flavor of that first pepper...never knowing whether it will prove hot or mild. 

Welcome Back Pimientos de Padrón : a tapas celebration
Thursday, June 23

our classic tapa:
sautéed pimientos de padrón with olive oil and sea salt

and our new tapa to celebrate the season:
Basque white anchovies with thick local tomato slice, marinated Vidalias, chopped pimentos de padrón, smoked paprika


We hope you'll join us for tonight's celebration and for the entire summer of Pimientos de Padrón!