Sunday Brunch at The National 1/23/11

10:30 am - 3 pm, 706-549-3450 for reservations

Small Plates
cherry-chocolate muffin with honey-butter {2.50}

goat cheese: lavendar honey & toast {5}

granola: with walnuts, apricot, cherry & golden raisin, milk or soy milk {4} or Greek yogurt {5.50}

local lettuces: cucumbers, pomegranate, almonds, marinated
onions, creamy lemon dressing {7}

empanada: broccoli rabe, potato, bacon, tetilla cheese
scallion, with crème fraiche & salsa verde {3.50}

Big Plates
banana bread French toast: sweet ricotta, pomegranate, pecans,
real maple syrup {8}

egg sandwich: Kaiser roll, fried local duck egg, bacon, arugula,
Duke’s mayo, green salad, potato croquettes {10}

crustless quiche: sweet potato, onion, sage and manchego,
with green salad {9}

omelette: asparagus, St. Andre triple crème and herbs, potato croquettes, green salad {10.50}

flatbread: scrambled eggs, mozzarella, chopped bacon, roasted
tomatoes, scallion, arugula {9}

smoked salmon & grits: GA mountain white grits topped with
smoked salmon, fried egg, salsa verde, arugula and radishes {11}

crisp Berkshire pork belly: on toasted sourdough, mashed
avocado, roasted tomato, local lettuces, peppadew pepper relish {10}

steak & eggs: grilled hanger steak, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes,
romesco sauce, green salad {13.50}

power brunch: bulgur salad with almonds, feta and pomegranate,
braised red beans, broccoli rabe, whole wheat toast, fruit salad {9}

Nueske’s bacon {3}
sourdough toast {1.50}
potato croquettes with romesco {3}
GA mountain white grits {2.5}
pork link sausage {3}
fruit salad {3.5}