What’s in Season: Fava Beans

We’re thrilled to see fava beans back in our kitchen. A sure sign of spring’s arrival, these beans are best consumed when they are still young and tender. They are in season April to July in Georgia.

Right now you can find fava beans in a salad of grilled corn and piquillo pepper vinaigrette paired with our Roasted Sheepshead large plate. At lunch, the Lamb and Beef Kefte features fava beans in a couscous salad with radish, cucumber, tomato, feta and yogurt.

Shucking fava beans can be a tedious process, but it is so worth it. They must be peeled twice — first the outer pod that contains five or so peas within, then again for a thick exterior skin on each individual pea. The easiest way to achieve this is by blanching then shocking the beans in cold water and shelling the pod. Break it near the stem, then pull the spine string that runs down the entire pod.

Once you extract the individual peas from each pod — you’ll see the tough, milky white skin. To remove it, use your nail to cut the top of the skin, then pop out the vibrant green bean within. Just cook and enjoy!