Zhough Night*
Saturday, September 30
10pm - midnight at The Bar at The National

a pop-up event featuring Mediterranean shareable small plates by Shay Lavi of Let's Eat! and cocktails by bar manager Michael Clancy


Let's Eat's Shay Lavi takes over our bar with his menu of Mediterranean snacks served up alongside Michael Clancy's cocktails, Creature Comforts beer and Spanish wine. A large portion of proceeds from this after-hours revelry will go directly to help with hurricane relief efforts. Come on out for a delicious late night transformation of the Bar at The National!


 Baked Stuffed Eggplants with Cheese and Herbs
“Yoratelo suflaki” aka Baked Lamb Patties with Flatbread, Tomato Sauce, Greek Yogurt, Salad
“Kreas saganaki” aka Eggs in Tomato Sauce
Fried Anchovies and Sardines stuffed with Herbs and Cheese
Baked Pastry stuffed with Lamb and Beef Ragu
Deep Fried “Cigars” 
Mezze Plates
Turkish Dessert


Martahini   gins, toasted sesame seed, vermouth bitters
Break Fast Negroni   brandy, bruto, vermouth, egg white
Tzedakah   rye, citrus, honey, apple, scotch mist

*Zhough or Zhug: a versatile green chile paste; a staple condiment in Yemini and Israeli cuisine